Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vision and Mission |

Vision and Mission

Generally, we all think that Entrepreneurship is taking its roots only after economic reforms in India. The aspect of Social Entrepreneurship is equally a new topic for many. If only we go back to history, Dhirubhai started dreaming at a very young age of sixteen-seventeen when he was working in a petrol pump as an attendant in a foreign land - Yemen at least some fifty years back. So also, if we read about M S Oberoi who was also a junior employee in a Hotel in Simla and later became its owner, built a chain of Oberoi Hotels in India and abroad.

Many a times we get mixed up between Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs. Interestingly, Social Entrepreneurship also seems to be over thirty years old concept. Look at the site - - the organisation called ASHOKA was formed in 1980 in USA. And, it was extended to India, as early as 1981 to identify its Fellows. Unbelievable.

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