Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Hindu Business Line : Phishing attack

The Hindu Business Line : Phishing attack

Yet another sad and bad development in the technology savvy twenty first century. While a vast majority of the consumers or customers are getting benefitted with the changes that are taking place with regard to technological applications and innovations in the banking system in India (and abroad), such perverts sneek in to the scene the spoil the show. Phishing, Pharming, Hacking, Trojan, etc are the negative side of the intelligence perpetrated by pervert and criminal characters. Customers should be extra careful and not blame the banking system for their greediness to become rich overnight.

Every day, I keep receiving such emails stating that I won some lottery - with names like Coco Cola, IBM, etc. Why should my email id win huge sums for no reason? I don't know. Similarly, I also keep receiving mails stating that so and so referred my name, that the sender has large sums left by his or her father or husband or some one. If only I could help them encash the money, I would get a share of 20 to 30 per cent. I ignore all these messages with a smile.

Customer Education is taking place in an intese way both by regulators like RBI, SBI, IRDA, SEBI, ICICI and others. Almost all the banks and RBI website keep on scrolling such cautions and warnings to public not to fall prey. Even then, some take risk and chance and end up with huge losses..........................

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