Saturday, July 31, 2010

Always Be Positive (AB+)

Today, in the Lions Club program in Manipal, the Chief Guest made an interesting observation.  It is not scientifically or technically valid though and neither we can extend such similar parallels to other blood groups too.  We can draw any correlation here too.  That her blood group is B + (Positive) and hence she believes in being positive minded and thinking to always do good to others.  Then, I remembered my blood group, in fact is AB+ (Positive).  So I can declare that my approach and attitude is ALWAYS BE POSITIVE. Very Interesting!

In fact, I also remember the books like 1. Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do  2. Tough-Minded Faith for Tender-Hearted Poeple  3. The Be (Happy) Attitudes  4. Believe in the God who Believes in You  5. Success is Never Ending, Failure is Never Final and others written by Robert H Schuller advocates the philosophy of POSSIBILITY THINKING, some what ahead of Positive Thinking.  Schuller  is America's foremost proponent of "Possibility Thinking"  and all his books are best selling. He presents  a day by day devotional guide designed to release our inner health, energy and power to make the impossible - into possible.  We may recall the popular song from a popular Hindi movie, Amar-Akbar-Anthony - Unhonie to Hone Kar De.....

I can also refer to a few motivating books by Stephen R Covey such as 1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  2. Spiritual Roots of Human Relations   3. How to Succeed with People  4. The Divine Center        5. Marriage & Family Insights and 6. Principle-Centered Leadership. The Book at no.1 presents a holistic, integrated, principle-centred approach for solving personal and professional problems.  With penetrating insights and pointed anecdotes.  Further, Covey reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, honesty and human dignity - principles that give us the security to adapt to change, and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates.

One of the reviewers of the first book (and author of  The Road Less Travelled), M. Scott Peck says " This Book has the Gift of Being Simple without Being Simplistic".  In our younger days, we were also reading books on such topics by Dale Carnegie.  So also those books by our own - Shiv Khera!

These books are very interesting to read and do motivate us all to look at the world in a positive manner and have self confidence that whatever we take up, we will be able to complete. All of us have seen only last year that in USA, for the first time how Mr Barack Obama won the Presidential election with the slogan -Yes, WE CAN. 

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