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XE - World Currency Symbols

XE - World Currency Symbols

Two days back I was teaching my MBA students in the Second Year elective course - Management of Banking and Financial Institutions. The session was on Foreign Exchange, Letter of Credit and Export Finance. While beginning the session, I asked the group as to in how many countries, we have Dollar as the currency. No clear answer came from the class but some one in the last row said that Taiwan has Dollar as their currency. Neither the class nor myself could believe it and brushed it aside. Some students mentioned  Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, etc while I was nodding my head for one by one answers.

Today, from the above site, I count that in all 23 countries have their currency as the Dollar. Amazing and interesting, na? Here is the list: 1.America (USA), 2.Australia, 3.Bahamas, 4.Barbados, 5.Belize, 6.Brunie-Darussalam, 7.Canada, 8.Cayman Islands, 9.East Carribbean, 10.Fiji, 11.Guyana, 12.Hong Kong, 13.Jamaica, 14.Liberia, 15.Namibia, 16.New Zealand, 17.Singapore, 18.Soloman Islands, 19.Suriname, 20.New Taiwan, 21.Trinidad -and-Tobago, 22. Tuvalu and 23. Zimbabwe. I could not believe it. Next in line is the currency Euro. There are 14 contries with Euro as their currency, 1.Belgium, 2.Cyprus, 3. Estonia, 4. France, 5. Greece, 6. Holland, 7. Ireland, 8. Luxemburg, 9. Malta, 10. Netherlands, 11. Slovenia, 12.Spain, 13. Vatican, and 14. Italy.

Pound Sterling which is the currency mainly of UK (British) has did not adopt to Euro . The other six countries who use Pound are: 1. Egypt 2. Jersey 3. Lebanon 4. Saint Helena 5. Somalia and 6. Syria. Interesting news is that India has adopted a new symbol for its currency 'Rupee' in July 2010, which is very late. Five other Asian countries viz., Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles and Sri Lanka - all adopting their currency as "Rupees" have much earlier itself, a different symbol for Rupees, which is common across all the five! As many as seven countries who have chosen UK Pound Sterling symbol.

Seven countries viz., Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines and Uruguay have a currency of same name - PESO with the standard US Dollar as symbol!! And the Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuvan Renminbi - though have different currencies, have the same symbol!!

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