Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sam Pitroda on Mobile Banking

Sam Pitroda speaks at Financial Inclusion Summit

One individual that the twenty-first century tech-savvy generation should evern remember and be thankful to is Mr Sam Pitroda.  The ICT revolution brought in by him in this country in late eighties and early nineties is phenomenal.  Today's youngsters do not even know or recognise him for all that he made a difference in the telecom industry while heading the Technology Mission on Communications. 

Again, his contributions during his tenure as Chairman of Knowledge Commission in this decade is also worth mentioning.  He is a frank and outspoken gentleman, who does not mince words to please the bureaucrats or politicians.  He has served the cause of large population of India at the cost of his flourishing businesses in USA and UK. 

His observations at the Financial Inclusion Summit in New Delhi on 21st July 2010 organised by the CII are very apt.  India should not and need not be proud a few chosen billionares it produces, but should focus on taking the technology to the grass root levels. His observation that mobile banking is the next challenge to the Government speaks volumes as to how move in this direction in the years to come.

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