Friday, July 30, 2010

'Pregnancy Financing' by CIFD

Amazing Product Development! I just can't believe such a product being thought of by CIFD (refer or In a country like ours, there exist several types of social issues and problems. We are struggling to extend all the amenities and facilities, particularly to the rural population. They are starving for all the basic amenities, infrastructure, etc let alone quality of life. Our leaders and policy makers are preparing Plan after Plan with 12th Five Year Plan in the offing.

World over, UN is focussing on Millennium Development Goals! But, then in over sixty years of independence and becoming a republic, India has a long way to go to pass on the modern way of life to the rural folk. Elected Representatives to Zilla Panchayats, Assemblies and Parliament conveniently forget to tackle the social issues that they promise before elections. Local Area Development funds are not effectively expended. The divide between Urban and Rural is widening year after year. Electronic media is unable to spread the messages to the rural population.

Child marriages and girl child issues are still persisting. Women are not being granted the respect due to them. Parliamentarians including those belonging to Socialistis philosophy and even progressive women leaders are also consciously opposing the one-third reservation bill after thirteen years of discussions and debates. Yes, while I am not too sure about the sincere and strict implementation of all the Industrial Relations / Labour Laws in favour of women, children and workers are not carried out, how can we expect the State to extend facilities like income during the pregnancy or post-delivery period. This initiative of CFMD is laudable, indeed. If only, PSBs also take a leaft from this!

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