Sunday, July 25, 2010

Technology in Indian Banking - 2010

Last week, I delivered a guest lecture on Technology in Indian Banking - 2010 to the students of BBM (e-Banking) of Commerce Department of Manipal University in connection with launching of their Students Forum.  This forum would invite guest speakers every Saturday to talk on topics of relevance to e-banking.

It was at a very short notice of 2 days, but I could compile an exhaustive talk on the developments of introduction of computerisation in India in early seventies with Advanced Ledger Posting Machines to very recent Green Banking and Solar based ATMs.  In the last three decades, Indian banking industry have certainly undergone dramatic technological changes, be it in the name of competition, modernisation, research & development, customer service or financial sector reforms.  RBI has been the leader and initiator of several of these steps by constituting of Committees from early eighties till date.

Some of the items I covered include mechanisanation, partial and total computerisation, MICR, ATMs (onsite, off-site, biometric, floating, mobile and now solar-based), EFT, Banknet, SWIFT, e-mail, Credit and Debit Cards, Online Banking, Tele-banking, Asset-Liability Management, Risk Management, Bancassurance, Virtual Banking, NPA management, HRM, Core Banking Solutions, Cross Selling, IDRBT-Hyderabad, CRM, KYC, AML, EDI, Shared Payment Network System, Credit Information Bureaus, ECS-Debit and Credit, EFT, NEFT, RTGS, Disaster Management, Cheque Truncation, Smart Cards and Computer Frauds like Phishing, Pharming, Hacking, Trojan and Skimming.  The ending was with a reference to WIMAX...(World-wide Interoperability Microwave Accessibility).  It was a fulfilling 2 hour session.

Interestingly, in the end some of the students sought clarifications too.

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