Thursday, July 1, 2010

Paperless Banking now

Hindu Business Line

Financial Express

It is SBI again.  1st July is celebrated as Bank Day by SBI (it is also called Doctors' Day), because it was in the year 1955 the then Imperial Bank of India was converted to SBI, with a heavy responsibility of developmental banking and opening of a large number of rural branches to take banking to grass roots.

Today, the bank advertises itself as The Banker to Every Indian.  We have been seeing a variety of advertisements for over one year with this slogan.  Yesterday, the bank also gave one or two surprises to the public and its customers. One was announcing the Base Rate at 7.5% pa setting a competitive trend in the industry as a leader.  And then, the second was extending the facility of Green Banking, which is also termed as Paperless Banking.  SBI customers can now draw upto Rs. 40,000 on the Debit Card without filling up any slips or forms.  Benefits are also afforded to its borrowers too. More details from the above clippings.

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