Thursday, July 8, 2010

PSBs vs. Private and Foreign Banks in India

Indian Banks deserve more credit

Seven years back ie., in 2003, a joint research paper was published by me and Dr KS Srinivasa Rao and presented at an International Conference organised by ICFAI, Hyderabad.  The title of the paper was 'Can Public Sector Banks compete with Private and Foreign Banks in India?' and it was concluded that "Yes".

The article appearing in today's Business Line with the above caption proves it.  Even after five years, the Deposit and Credit growth of PSBs during last five years 2004-09 proves that PSBs in India are far above their private and foreign counterparts.  We also worked on two separate papers in the later years 2004 and 2005 evaluating the performance and working of Private Banks and Foreign Banks and their sustainability.  Figures do not lie.  It gives me immense satisfaction that our findings continue to be highly reliable.

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