Sunday, July 18, 2010

One more Scandalous Swamiji

I watched on TV in the Headlines Today channel about another Scandalous Swami.  His name is Rishi Prabhakar who set up an Ashram in Aurangabad in Maharashtra.  None other than his own wife, Arundhati revealed to the public, press and police about his scandalous activities in the name of Yogashram run by him.  She was herself a victime of this man and hence it is a first hand account.  She is also a close witness for all his sexy and fraudulent activities with men and women over the years.  As usual he denies all these as rumours or allegations.  Hopefully, police or government would act fast and trace his real swaroop.

Last two or three months we have been hearing about Nityananda Swami of Bangalore.  Legal process is on to find out the truth.  But, he is now on bail and back at his Ashram.  God knows the truth.  Around same time, there was another news about a Delhi based Swami (or Baba, Guru, Sanyasi, Rishi, etc) who was into similar kind nefarious activities.  Also we had seen on TV again another Swami in Gujarat alleged to have committed murder of two innocent children.  All these are unfortunate developments in the developed, modern, civilised and technology-based twenty-first century.

I only wish that Government of India would come out with a stringent legislation to curb all these Swamijis.  If only our Constitution had allowed the individuals to preach their own philosophy and afforded right to religion, it is high time that this needs to be amended and prohibited.  I am eagerly waiting for the efforts of the Committee / Department headed by Mr Nandan Nilekani would bring out the profiles of all these cheats under the UID scheme or Aadhar mechanism.  Gullible, innocent and unfortunate brothers and sisters should be made to realise about these scandalous characters in our societies.  Income Tax department should check their bank accounts and Assets/Liabilities status minutely to book them.  God save India.

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